Last Sunday I was checking out my monthly app sales. I use AppFigures for that, but before going to AppFigures I had to check out the Apple Fiscal Calendar. Apple, like most corporations, uses a calendar that slightly differs from the “normal” calendar–it’s off by a few days most of the time. After determining the start and end date of the month, I went to AppFigures, adjusted the sales data for the time period I had just determined and finally could look at my sales numbers.

I do that dance every week, but in this particular week, I just had the urge to do something about it. So I sat down and did what developers do, and wrote an app.

The result is “MonthlySales”, a very simple but efficient app designed to give you an overview over your Apple App Store revenue numbers, adjusted based on the Apple Fiscal Calendar. It’s not on the App Store, but it’s an Open Source app you can find on GitHub. Enjoy!