On Friday, I posted my “WWDC predictions” for this year. Let’s see if I was right.

  • iOS 11 and macOS 10.13.
  • Xcode 9 with Swift 4 support.

Duh. These were no-brainers. Passed.

  • Extended SiriKit APIs.

SiriKit has been extended substantially, adding support for Lists and Notes, among several other intents. Passed.

  • A system wide “dark mode” in iOS.

Doesn’t look like it. Now, it may be possible that it actually does include a “dark mode”, and that it’s just hidden until the new iPhones come out in September/October, which supposedly have OLED displays. But for now: Failed.

  • A UI refreshment in iOS, hopefully restoring Buttons to look like Buttons.

The visual style has changed a lot. From what I can tell from the screenshots, it now uses a lot more of these “sheet” kind of layers, TabBar and ToolBar images are a little “fatter” and less “skinny” and there’s the new “big font” NavigationBar-replacement hanging around. Also buttons look a lot more like buttons. Passed.

  • New MacBooks and a shiny new Magic Keyboard.

Nope. A price drop are not new MacBooks. Also no new Magic Keyboard, even though the dark iMac Pro keyboard looks badass (want!). And there’s a new extended (wireless) Magic Keyboard. Still: Failed.

  • Machine learning APIs, like the ones used in the photo apps.

Core ML is exactly this, a machine learning API complete with Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing and all that other stuff. Also “Machine Learning” is the most overused buzzword that I heard in the Keynote (over and over and over again). Passed.

  • Better iPad support in iOS.

It was a long time coming, but they finally delivered. iOS 11 contains better support for the iPad, with better multitasking, a new dock, Drag & Drop, a new “floating window” mode and the new “Files” app. Passed.

  • Changing default apps (web browser, Email client etc) to arbitrary third-party apps in iOS.
  • New Mac Pro. I doubt there will even be an announcement. It’s coming…in 2019.
  • iMessage for Android (el-oh-el).

These three were in the “Unlikely” category, so I won’t grade them. None of them came true, although there was a sneak peek at the iMac Pro. Not the Pro I was thinking of, obviously.

  • A Siri Speaker (Amazon Echo / Google Home competitor).

So it’s out there. It’s called HomePod, it looks great, it seems to work great (hard to judge from a Keynote), it’s Apple-esk expensive, it will be available in December and in English speaking countries only at first. Screw that. I guess I need to keep talking to Alexa.

Five passes, two failed. Not bad. But that really doesn’t matter, because what about my wish?

  • Better tools.

Xcode 9 finally (and I say that in the sincerest way possible) supports refactoring Swift code. And not just renaming, but also things like automatically implement missing protocol requirements, overrides for abstract methods and the ability to extract variables and functions, and much more. That’s a huge win. Supposedly it’s also faster, but that remains to be seen. Also we can finally wirelessly debug apps in the network, without the requirement to connect it to a Mac via cable.

Now where are those download links…?