Hey there! My name is René Fouquet and I work as an iOS and macOS developer in Hamburg, Germany. I live in the tiny (but beautiful) village of Buchholz, located at the Ratzeburg lake.

I mostly dabble in Swift these days, but I have a long history with Objective-C. I started writing macOS (then OS X) apps after the transition from Mac OS Classic in 2001. When the (iPhone) App Store opened in 2008, I dove right into iOS development.

Contact me

You can reach me via Email at mail@fouquet.me. I usually reply within a few hours. Or ping me on Twitter: @renefouquet.


My website is a static site generated using Jekyll. I serve it via Nginx on a Linode1 VPS. The design is based on a heavily modified core of the Sidey theme.

I push updates via Git; this way I can write posts from pretty much anywhere, using either my Mac (using BBEdit and Tower), my iPad Pro or my iPhone (using Textastic and Working Copy).

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